Data is now at the core of most businesses processes, as organisations increasingly use data-driven analytics and insights to manage and grow their businesses. This never-ending appetite for more data demands superior database management, systems, storage, and security – making Database Administration Services no longer just a nice to have.

What is Database Administration as a Service? (DBAaaS)

DBAaaS is an outsourced IT Service that manages the maintenance and optimisation of your database. The service inherently improves both cost and work efficiencies and enables businesses to spend more time on exploring data insights to develop their data driven business. This, combined with the ability to keep up to speed with the ever-changing database technology landscape, has created a growing need for expert Database Administration Services.

To have an effective data driven approach, a robust database administration capability is required to ensure optimal performance. For many organisations to function, databases need to be accessible 24x7x365, data must be compliant with the latest legal and procedural policies and importantly, be protected from potential cyber-attacks.

Our fully managed DBAaaS ensures that the day-to-day operations of your database administration is proactively monitored and supported to deliver optimal availability and performance. This service gives businesses the benefits of early detection and diagnosis of any issues, reducing risk and providing assurance and continuity for organisations.

Transputec partner with many clients to help deliver their data strategies and provide tailored support across all data technology systems and all platforms, including on premise, Private cloud and Public cloud (AWS, Azure).

Agile DBA as a Service Solutions for Incisive Media

Incisive Media, the award winning B2B digital media and events business, required a comprehensive DBA solution withing a short time frame. Transputec were able to deploy their agile Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS) which enabled an immediate handover of services from the outgoing internal DBAs and ensured there were no gaps in the day-to-day database administration.

Transputec completed an extensive databases assessment, detailed report, and a full handover, and all within a week.

Why Outsource Your Database Administration?

  • Buying database software and hardware can be a high-risk investment for businesses. With DBAssS, database capacity and functionality can be bought as required due to the on-demand scalability of the service, making costs more manageable.
  • A lack DBA continuity makes it difficult for database administration knowledge to be shared and retained within the organisation. Outsourcing can eliminate this issue with by offering continuous service, support, and a shared knowledge of your database system.
  • 24x7x365 management is critical for all databases. Our fully managed service ensures that the day-to-day operations of your database administration are always monitored and supported. We’ve designed DBAaaS to optimise and enhance the performance, security and availability of your database infrastructure as well as proactively work on preventative management and optimisation to identify how your database systems can be enhanced. Our operational model is also fully ISO:27001 accredited and our DBS adhere to industry best practice and SLA guidelines.
  • We recognise its often hard to keep track of ever-changing policies especially around the security of data. Our team has a solid understanding of these policies and has the experience to apply all the necessary compliance policies for your business so noting gets missed.

For businesses and organisations looking to be ever-more agile, effective Database Administration Services are now a core prerequisite. Get in touch with one of our database specialists to see how we can support you with your data administration requirements or book your free assessment today.

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